Post Supervision Services by POSTcollective.

  • Budget post-production & VFX.
  • Evaluate the project to ensure the correct processes are in place from acquisition to final delivery, thereby protecting the project’s IP.
  • Evaluate the work-flow, pipe-line, creative resources and facilities to ensure the correct deliverables are created for delivery.
  • Advise on best acquisition for final delivery and budget.
  • Advise on any improvements that can be made with staffing & equipment.
  • Plan and monitor the post production process to ensure schedules are met.
  • Form a collaboration and communicate with all post production personnel.
  • Workflow & Pipeline planning and implementation
  • Establishing naming conventions and best practice in data management.
  • VFX & Set Supervision – help Directors and production teams achieve their creative goals, in relation to what is achievable in camera, VFX and budget.
  • Budgeting, management of VFX shots and artist.

POSTcollective’s Post Production Solutions Cover:

  • Camera: set-up and file naming
  • Guidelines for set personnel
  • Sound: guide-lines for the set recordist, naming, channels and how this flows into post
  • Continuity: paperwork relevant to post-production
  • Set DIT/data-wrangler: duties, responsibilities & work-flow
  • Ingest/Edit assistant: naming conventions & paperwork trail
  • Digital Dailies: management, transcoding, encoding, uploading to client various platforms and footage back-ups
  • Server/storage: maintenance of file naming and material security
  • Picture Offline & Editorial
  • Editors: project settings and file structure
  • Uploads and approvals: internal & external
  • Media management to on-line
  • Picture Online & Conform
  • Opening title package, Subtitles and End Credits
  • Colour Grading
  • VFX               
  • Sound Post: Sound Effects & Dialogue Edit, Track-lay, ADR, Pre Mix, Final Mix, Dolby 5.1 & 7.1, Stereo, Mastering, and Sound deliveries
  • Picture Mastering: Theatrical, TV, On-line, UHD, HDR deliveries according to sale agent/broadcasters delivery lists and specifications
  • LTO back-ups of post-production sale elements
  • Digital Cinema Theatrical Package deliveries (DCP)
  • QC
  • Paperwork - FCC submissions, music cue sheet, licenses, CSDL & dialogue scripts

Post Production Talent

3D Animators


Dialogue Editors


Mastering Technicians

Off-line and Online Editors

Sound FX and Design

Sound Mixers

VFX Artists

VFX Supervisors

QC Engineers