Ancilla Berry


I completed a BA (Fine Arts) Degree in 1988 and started my career as a graphic designer at Ideadata, a company specialising in slide presentations. I was required to read through client’s presentations and design backgrounds and graphics to visually enhance their content.

In 1989, I moved to Video Lab, The House Next Door where I learnt the joy of the moving picture. I trained in 2D and 3D animation software, working on a variety of projects in the commercial and corporate fields. Key tasks were title and logo design and animation for station idents, corporate videos and beauty product demos. Part of my duties also included designing and creating graphics for live broadcasts such as the Comrades, Golf Skins and cricket tournaments. I was required to travel to the locations and actively plot the graphics as the event occurred.

In 1995 I took on the position of VFX and Animation producer at Video lab where I developed my skills in project management and client liaison. Key tasks included ensuring artists adhere to client briefs and managing client expectations as well as quoting, scheduling and invoicing.

In 2009, I produced for a team of artists at MonsterStudios, an off shoot department of Refinery. I then also took on the role of Head of Production in that same year, whilst still specializing as a producer in VFX and Animation for both feature films and commercials.


Productions I have worked on

VFX Producer

Dias Santana

Die Windpomp

Karsten and Petra 3 and 4, (Cinenord)

Seal Team 8 (Fox Television)

Paul Walker’s Vehicle 19

Leon Schuster’s Mr Bones

Young Leonardo 1 and 2, (A Kindle Entertainment Series - BBC),


Shephards and Butchers

Saints and Strangers (Sony Pictures/Nation Geo)

Of Kings and Prophets (ABC Disney)

My Father’s War

The Journey is the Destination

Madiba TV Series (BET & Blue Ice Pictures)

Blood Drive (NBC Universal)

Lake Placid Legacy (Sony Pictures)

Leon Schuster’s Frank & Fearless

Post Producer



Susanna van Biljon